iATL Project Criteria

Below are the types of development and experimental projects that are best suited for the iATL and surrounding connected vehicle ecosystem in Alpharetta, GA.
  • Become a member of the iATL Partner Alliance
  • Infrastructure related
  • Advance or create an application or use case
  • Advance the integration of infrastructure applications or use cases into vehicles and/or smartphones
  • Test or demonstrate OEM/Tier 1 OBUs with installed infrastructure
  • Test driver reaction to application
  • Test vehicle response to application messages (SPAT, BSM, etc)
  • Improve Vulnerable Road User safety through applications or use cases
  • Integration of TravelSafely into existing platforms
  • Integration of TravelSafely ITS stack into OBUs

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Projects Developed at the iATL in 2020

  • Virtual transit bus priority (Georgia and Massachusetts)
  • Bicycle detection and peloton priority for traffic signals (California)
  • Virtual acceptance testing and certification of Intelligent Transportation Systems (California)
  • Emergency vehicle preemption performance monitoring system (Georgia)
  • Remote advanced smart traffic corridor compatibility (Hawaii)
  • FCC C-V2X experimental licensing program (Georgia, Texas)
  • Connected vehicle school bus safety application (Audi)
  • Connected vehicle school zone safety application (Audi)
  • Development and on-street testing of dual-mode RSUs at 50 intersections
  • Development and on-street testing of dual-mode OBUs for emergency vehicles
  • RSU integration testing with traffic controllers from five manufacturers (Econolite, Siemens, Intelight, TrafficWare, McCain)
  • Glance integration testing with video detection manufacturers: AutoScope, Intelight, Peek, FLIR
  • Glance integration testing with video cameras: Cohu, Siqura, WTI, Axis, others
  • Ongoing test and development of Glance Emergency Vehicle and Transit Priority features, including NTCIP 1202 and NTCIP 1211 integration with traffic controllers from multiple manufacturers


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