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Real-world Connected Vehicle Technology

At the iATL, automakers, manufacturers and transportation professionals can experience and test a wide spectrum of signals and roadside equipment. Designed as a working laboratory, visitors are encouraged to develop and test the latest C-V2x applications.  

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iATL provides access to a wide variety of signs and traffic signals. 


The lab is at the heart of the iATL. This working area has everything you need to test C-V2x technology.


iATL includes traffic signals and traffic controllers to test communication with signals. 


Each Pod in the iATL lab includes real-world technology in use throughout the United States. 


The iATL is a place you can relax and imagine C-V2x applications.


The gathering place is an area to meet and discuss the future of connected vehicle innovations. 


Automakers and transportation pros meet at the iATL to chart the future of C-V2x.

The primary function of the iATL is to serve as an engineering technical facility for testing the functionality and performance of connected vehicle applications between the transportation infrastructure and motor vehicles, the infrastructure and vulnerable road users, motor vehicles and vulnerable road users and other configurations.

The approximately 4,400 square-foot facility houses dozens of different types of electronic devices that control everything from traffic signals to school zone safety beacons to electronic crosswalks. Automakers will be able to develop interactive safety apps that interact with the devices and cellular network operators will work out communications including 5G.


3000 Summit Place
Alpharetta, GA 30009

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